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What If Almost Everything You’ve Been Told About Getting In Shape Turned Out To Be Dead Wrong?

By: Joel Jamieson
MMA Strength & Conditioning Coach

If you believe that roadwork will make you slow and weak, killing yourself with endless intervals is the only way to get in shape, training harder leads to better conditioning, or that circuits are the closest thing to a fight you can do in the gym, then you need to listen closely. I know it may sound crazy, but in the next few minutes I’m going to explain how all your hard work may actually have been making your conditioning worse, rather than better.

I’m sure at some point you’ve wondered why you may train as hard as anyone in the gym but you still have problems gassing out, or how professional fighters (who do nothing but train for a living) can lose fights over and over again because they gas out, then pay close attention because I’m going to give you the answer…

You see, although it may not be easy swallow, I’m here to tell you that the plain truth and simple answer to both questions is that more than 95% of what you’ve read, heard, or seen other fighters doing for conditioning is not just wrong…it’s dead wrong! Not only are almost all combat athletes not doing enough of the right kind of training that develops fight winning conditioning, they are doing FAR too much of the wrong kind of training.

The result is that not only does their conditioning not get any better, it actually gets worse over time. They are training their asses off, but no matter how hard they train using the latest intervals they saw a pro doing in a magazine or kettlebell circuit they read about online, their conditioning never seems to really improve.

You see the same guys gassing out in the gym or in big fights on tv over and over again for a reason and most of the time it’s not just because they didn’t work hard enough. If you’ve come to this site, my guess is you’re probably either one of these guys yourself, or you coach one of them. No matter how hard you train, no matter what training program you try, your conditioning just doesn’t get to the level that it should be.

Nothing is more frustrating than working your ass off day in and day out and not seeing results.

Before I tell you how I’m going to help you solve this problem and develop endless conditioning without training any harder than you are now, let me tell you a bit about who I am and why you should trust what I have to say. I know I’m making some pretty bold claims, but unlike so many so called “experts” these days, I have the real world experience to back them up…

Trust The Strength & Conditioning Coach The Pros Rely On And Never Worry About Your Conditioning Again

Over the past 7 years, I’ve trained fighters from every major organization out there from UFC to K-1, PrideFC, Strikeforce, Dream, King of the Cage, etc. and I was even the Official Strength & Conditioning Coach of PrideFC for more than 5 years. You may have seen me on one or the UFC’s Countdown shows or featured in the pages of magazines like Muscle & Fitness, Men’s Health, Fighting Fit, or on Sherdog as one of the contributors to their MMA Training section.

Before a lot of other strength and conditioning coaches out there even knew what MMA was, I was busy training the best fighters in the world. A lot of these armchair experts out there giving advice about conditioning have never even trained a single fighter!

I’ve prepared many of the guys you’ve watched in the biggest fights over the years. More than 30 of the biggest names in the sport have relied on me to get them in shape to fight including: Rich Franklin, Chris Leben, Hayato Sakurai, Tim Boetsch, Jens Pulver, Ben Rothwell, Nick Ring, Brock Larson, Spencer Fisher, KJ Noons, Matt Brown, Maurice Smith, Robbie Lawler, Tatsuya Mizuno, Niko Vitale, Jorge Gurgel, Ivan Salaverry, Mario Miranda, Tyrone Glover, Ed Herman, Akira Shoji, and more!

These top pros all rely on me to get in shape for one simple reason: my methods work and my programs deliver results, and they deliver them fast. Whether you’re a pro, amateur, or just getting started in combat sports, my training system will work for you too because it’s based on solid science and proven effective in the real world for more than 7 years.

“Joel’s scientific approach to training is very different from most strength and conditioning coaches out there. I trained with him for several fights and felt 100% confident in my conditioning and ready to go every time I stepped into the Octagon. Ultimate MMA Conditioning is unlike any other book out there, put in the work and you’ll see the results.”
Rich Franklin

“Training with Joel was awesome! I put on ten pounds of muscle, increased my strength and power and saw my conditioning get better all at the same time. The methods in Ultimate MMA Conditioning absolutely work and the book is a must read for any fighter who wants to really get in shape.”
KJ Noons
“I do whatever Joel tells me and it works. He understands what it takes to last from bell to bell and I trust him to get me in shape and ready to fight. I’ve worked with a lot of coaches over the years and Joel knows what conditioning is all about better than anyone. You can trust that if he says something will work…then it will.”
Ben Rothwell
The One Size Fits All Approach Doesn’t Fit You. Get A Complete A-Z Blueprint That Will Show You Step By Step How To Design Your Own Individualized Conditioning Program.

The plain truth is that your conditioning is not what it could be because nobody has ever shown you how to put all the pieces of the conditioning puzzle together the right way. The internet is flooded with the one-size-fits-all approach to training (most of which don’t work for anyone) but following one of the generic conditioning programs can often do more harm than good! If they worked even half as well as they claim to, you wouldn’t see fighters gassing out all the time in the gym or on tv.

The real secret to solving the conditioning puzzle and seeing the dramatic results you’ve been looking for starts with undersanding that that one-size-fits-all doesn’t really fit anybody and it definitely doesn’t fit you! This is why I told you so many people aren’t training the right way, because they’ve never been given a conditioning program designed specifically for them.

It’s like comparing the fit of a custom tailored suit to one you bought of the rack, it will just never fit the same.

In Ultimate MMA Conditioning, I’m going to give you a complete A-Z blueprint that will show you step by step how to assess your needs, determine your strengths and weaknesses, and put together a completely individualized program that is guaranteed to deliver results.

Conditioning is like a puzzle with many different pieces. You have to know how to put them together properly to see the big picture. This is where 99% of conditioning programs fail and why you aren’t seeing the results from all your hard work.

I guarantee the training programs and advice you’ve been given elsewhere have never shown you how to put together all the right pieces in the right way. You’ve been spending too much time training using methods that are not right for you.

Let me show you how to put together your own training program using the same training methods I’ve used with many of the best fighters of the world. You’ll see exactly why they trust me to get in shape for the their biggest fights and you’ll finally develop the kind of relentless conditioning that will break your opponents will and win fights.

  • How to accurately test and asses each of the body’s energy systems using methods I’ve personally developed…now you’ll be able to finally eliminate the guesswork from your programs
  • The truth behind the roadwork vs. interval debate…why it’s not as simple as you may think and why many of the so called experts out there today are dead wrong!
  • How to develop explosive power you’ll be able to maintain all fight long…and which energy systems are the most important. The answer may surprise you
  • The most effective systems to train together if you really want fast results…learn how to avoid making the same mistakes everyone else is making when it comes to conditioning
  • What conditioning really is and why most fighters will never live up to their potential…and how to develop a long term strategy that delivers long term results
  • Exactly when to use interval training for the most benefit…why timing is everything and intervals all the time aren’t the answer to everything
  • Why most gurus are dead wrong in aerobic training…and why their advice and training programs can lead to poor results and conditioning problems
  • A method you’ve never heard of before that will improve your endurance faster than ever - This is one of my top secret tricks I use to get the pros ready to fight
  • Why all strength is not created equal and how to develop the kind of strength that counts – how choosing the right exercises can make all the difference in the world!
  • How to put together a complete 8 week fight prep program from start to finish…complete with week by week templates of exactly what to do and why
  • The difference between general and specific conditioning…and exactly when and why you need to be focusing on each one
  • And much more!

Methods So Effective They Are Used And Endorsed By Countless Top Strength & Conditioning Coaches For All Sports
“Physical training for Combat Sports is an area of study rife with opinions from every coach & trainer on how to do it best. In the midst of all the information out there, Joel Jamieson’s book “Ultimate MMA Conditioning” stands out. This book offers a wonderful blend of the science behind energy systems, as well as its practical application in program design for fighters. It is one of the most thorough reference manuals available for training combat athletes and a resource you will refer to again and again
Chip Morton, Cincinnati Bengals
“As the strength and conditioning coach of the Canadian National Kickboxing Team and the personal strength coach to 4x World Middleweight Kickboxing Champion, Muzammal Nawaz, it is a struggle to find in depth, science based, applicable books to further my knowledge.

Luckily, I happened to somehow stumble upon Joel’s book “Ultimate MMA Conditioning” awhile back and I was completely blown away with the information it had. Not only did it cover the basics, but it went into such great detail about energy system training, exercise breakdown and everything you need to know to design an MMA program. The best part about it for me was that it was also backed by hard core research and application. I can tell that Joel did his homework on this one!

Joe Arko, Canadian National Kickboxing Team
Ultimate MMA Conditioning” contains one of the best explanations of energy systems development and periodization that I have read. Joel has the rare ability to take very complex training theories, and break them down for both his athletes and readers. I consider him to be one of the very best in the business.”
Dave Tenney, Seattle Sounders
“Joel Jamieson is at the forefront of the strength and conditioning profession in regards to research and training methodologies. Every time I talk to Joel I come away with new ideas, information and motivational tools to use with my athletes. For any athlete trying to gain an edge in their sport, I highly recommend Joel’s book Ultimate MMA Conditioning. It will really open your eyes to a whole new way of looking at training and performance.
Chattin Hill, Atlanta Hawks
“Love your book. It really helped to clarify some application questions I’ve had and saved me a great deal of experimenting time. With some organizational changes that I made because of your book, our football players were the best prepared they’ve ever been. I’ve been studying and applying as much of the eastern european approach that I can get my hands on for some time, but like I said, your book clarified things quite well.
Bill Hartman, PT, CSCS, USAW
If You’re Tired Of Not Seeing Results And You’re Finally Ready To Do Something About It…You Can Become The Next Ultimate MMA Conditioning Success Story!

Every day I receive emails from people from all over the world who have bought Ultimate MMA Conditioning, applied the powerful system I’ve developed, and experienced the dramatic results that are possible when you know how to individualize your training. Everyone from top pros and coaches to weekend warriors all want to share their amazing success stories with me and tell me what a difference it’s made in their performance.

Just like you, they were sick of training hard day in and day out and not seeing the results of their all their hard work. If you’re ready to take the next step in your training, like they did, you too can see the same game changing results and discover that the real key isn’t to work harder, it’s to work smarter.


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I’m so confident that the system I’ve spent more than 6 years developing and testing on the some of the best fighters in the world will work for you, I’ll give it to risk-free to try out for yourself for 60 days. The reason I know it will work for you and am giving you my personal guarantee is simple: the principles and methods are based on the real science of how the body works and they’ve been proven effective over and over again for everyone who has used them.

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Here’s the no-nonsense bottom line: you can either A) keep doing what you’ve been doing and keep seeing the results you’ve been seeing, or B) you can pick up a copy of the book and give the methods, principles, and training system I’ll lay out for you in Ultimate MMA Conditioning a try and see for yourself why so many of today’s best fighters trust me to get them ready for their biggest fights. They are putting their professional careers, their record, and thousands of dollars (sometimes even hundreds of thousands) on the line and and there is a reason that I’m the guy they turn to when they need to get in shape.

I’m giving you everything you need to know to see the same results that they do in Ultimate MMA Conditioning. I’m going to teach you step by step why your conditioning program isn’t working, why most programs fail and then I’ll show you how to change it so you can finally start seeing the real changes and real improvement from all your hard work.

Conditioning isn’t easy, but it doesn’t have to be as hard as most people think either. It’s not just about working as hard as you can and I’ll show you why a lot of times going easier can lead to better results.

I charge the guys I work with a lot of money and they gladly pay it because they know they’ll step into the octagon or ring ready to fight from bell to bell if necessary. For less than half of what I charge for a single training session with me, you can have access to all the knowledge and information the pros pay big money for and you can have it with a risk-free 60 day money back guarantee.

If you’re tired of not getting the results you should be, of your conditioning not being what it could be, and you’re ready to make a change, then there is simply no faster way to get in great shape than Ultimate MMA Conditioning and you need to grab your copy and get started today.



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